Social and Ballroom Dance Classes

Do you love Ballroom and social dances? Us too!

We are currently accepting a small number of students that are totally serious about learning dance, the history of dance, and genuinely appreciate the processes involved. We’re willing to put our time and compassion for dance into your life, if you’re willing and able to learn. If you’re willing and able, let’s get started today!

So where do you start? If you’re just looking to have fun or learn a formal dance for an upcoming wedding, cruise or vacation, then you should sign up for our social dance lessons. These lessons have all the knowledge that you’ll need to shred those other bridesmaids on the dance floor.

We can also teach basic ballroom or Waltz lessons via Skype or other video conference platform. We’ve partnered with several wedding and events coordinators around the US to offer online lessons to soon-to-be married couples. Here’s what one of preferred vendors,, has to say about our online services, “Blue Ridge Ballroom has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Weddings can be so stressful, especially for those brides and grooms that don’t dance well. BRB has been able to coach several of our clients online and get them comfortable with some basic moves for their special night.”

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more formal, I suggest you learn the fantastic art of ballroom dancing competition team. You can sign up for that here as well.

Still reading this post?  Well then, maybe we are what you are looking for.

Would you enjoy and be able to commit to the following… 

Coming in for private lessons, seasonal workshops and super-secret practice sessions? Can you make that happen two or three times a week?  Would you even do more if you could?

Practicing at home either by yourself or with your neighbor?

Are you able to comfortably spend $275 on monthly tuition? Prices include dance lessons, workshops and one-on-one instruction twice monthly, and a free eye-patch (for fun).

Trying out for our competition ballroom team?

Attending a bi-annual Dance Camp with Dad?

Traveling around the World if we make it finals ?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, we want you to register for classes now!